A to Z of cocoons: All you need to know

A to Z of cocoons: All you need to know

The journey from farm to fabric begins with the procurement of cocoons, a silky case spun by the silk larvae. Easy access to high-quality cocoons makes the process of fabric making easier. But, how do we assess good cocoons? Here is an easy guide that will help you understand everything you need to know about cocoons.

How to spot good cocoons?

Brighter the better

Brighter cocoons are properly stifled and dull cocoons are improperly stifled.

Change to – Cocoons subjected to treatment are brighter whereas, improperly treated cocoons are dull

Compact and not loose

On light press, cocoons should be compact and slightly firm

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Look for even thickness

Cocoons that are ball and oval shaped with even thickness are considered good for reeling

Other scientific features that will indicate  cocoon quality

Weight of cocoons

Good quality cocoons must weigh between 1.476 to 1.890 g.

Shell weight 

Higher shell eight is preferred for good quality.

Length of the filament

A longer filament length is considered ideal for good raw silk quality.


Denier refers to the size of the filament. A single strand of silk is considered one denier.

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Unwinding filament without breaking a cocoon is referred to as reliability. High reliability indicates good quality cocoons.


The quantity of cocoons required to generate 1 kg of silk is referred to as Renditta. 

Different types of cocoons

Double cocoons: Spun jointly by two silkworms, it is used to dupion, a coarse stubby yarn.

Stained cocoons: Melted cocoons that have a stain due to the pupae which are dead inside.

Printed cocoons: Cocoons formed due to improper mounting frames

Malformed cocoons: These are abnormally shaped cocoons

Flimsy cocoons: cocoons that have loosely spun layers

Pierced cocoons: Cocoons from which moths have already emerged.

CB gold cocoons: They are hybrid cocoons of gold color

CSR cocoons: They are bivoltine white color cocoons

Malformed, stained cocoons should be avoided as they have low reliability.

Only the best for reelers with ReshaMandi 

ReshaMandi with its ground-breaking technology has changed how reelers and yarn manufacturers in India access cocoons. With ReshaMandi’s intervention, reelers, and yarn manufacturers’ problem of procuring cocoons is a problem of a bygone era. It has set up several procurement centers for reelers and yarn manufacturers across India, helping them procure different types and grades of cocoons for reeling at fair prices. Introducing the ReshaMandi app has made placing bids for cocoons and checking cocoon rates much easier. Reelers can walk into the nearest local ReshaMandi procurement centers and buy the best cocoons that will suit their business need. It is also facilitating doorstep delivery of cocoons and is offering convenience to reelers. By buying yarns manufactured by reelers at good prices, ReshaMandi is aiding them in clearing inventory faster and providing opportunities to increase profitability margins.

ReshaMandi adopts AI/ML technology for cocoon grading

By using AI/ML technology, ReshaMandi is enabling the grading of cocoons and helping both farmers, reelers. Through proper cocoon grading, farmers are able to get the right prices for their produce and reelers are procuring the best quality raw materials for yarn. Scientific grading of cocoons eliminates any scope of manipulation in terms of quality. With apt technology in place, ReshaMandi is ensuring that reelers have access to scientifically graded high-quality cocoons to spin good yarn.

To access scientifically graded cocoons at fair prices and to get good prices for yarns download ReshaMandi app.

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