Farmers, Reelers Benefit From Reshamandi Procurement and Business Centres

Farmers, Reelers Benefit From Reshamandi Procurement and Business Centres

ReshaMandi’s technological innovations have revolutionised the natural fibre supply chain since its start. Relationships and not technology, are what make a company successful. ReshaMandi has brought together the basic stakeholders of the natural fibre ecosystem-farmers, weavers, reelers, and retailers-by working at the grass-roots level. ReshaMandi has developed a good rapport through alleviating the challenges experienced by stakeholders, because developing relationships is the company’s primary value.

ReshaMandi has built sericulture centres across India and is reaching out to a large number of sericulturists. It is making silk farming a pleasant and stress-free experience for them. Apart from aiding farmers, it also allows ReshaMandi to connect effectively with the stakeholders and gain a better understanding of their perspectives.

ReshaMandi establishes its own centre in the weavers hub Varanasi

ReshaMandi Procurement Centres

Farmers visit ReshaMandi procurement centres to trade cocoons. They provide ReshaMandi representatives with the cocoon samples. The quality of the samples is rigorously assessed, and fair pricing is set. ReshaMandi executives also help farmers with logistics, and the cocoon lots are stored at ReshaMandi procurement centres. ReshaMandi’s transparent cocoon quality screening systems foster a high level of trust, and the farmer fleet is pleased because they are receiving fair pricing for their cocoons. To provide greater convenience, ReshaMandi executives visit the farm gates, communicate with the seri farmers, collect cocoon samples, grade them, and procure the entire lot.

Farmers, Reelers Benefit From Reshamandi Procurement and Business Centres

Farmers had to travel long distances to the mandi to sell their cocoons. Due to long-distance travel and heat exposure cocoons lose weight, lowering the product’s worth. Farmers would lose money if they traded these poor-quality cocoons. All of these issues are now a thing of the past for the farmer fleet, thanks to the establishment of ReshaMandi procurement centres. They are receiving the necessary assistance in resolving logistical issues, as well as receiving fair pricing for their produce. Farmers can also get vital supplies for silkworm rearing and mulberry farming at our centres, such as lime, bleaching powder, and disinfectants. They can also access IoT devices that will assist farmers in closely monitoring and controlling aspects such as temperature, humidity, light, and air quality in order to cut costs.

Other benefits for farmers

While spending less time travelling to sell cocoons, farmers can dedicate more time to their other interests. They can use this period to engage in a variety of supplementary activities, such as dairy farming or vegetable farming, to mention a few.

ReshaMandi reelers business centres and warehouses

Farmers, Reelers Benefit From Reshamandi Procurement and Business Centres

Cocoons are promptly transferred to the ReshaMandi reelers’ business centres and warehouses after being purchased from farmers. Reelers can get scientifically graded cocoons from these centres for a reasonable price. Reelers coming to the centres can use the ReshaMandi super app to submit bids on the cocoon lots and obtain various types of cocoons in large quantities.

ReshaMandi has 20+ procurement centres, as well as 7 business and sales centres. ReshaMandi is concerned about farmers, reelers, and is working towards resolving their problems. ReshaMandi has developed an efficient natural fibre ecosystem by catering to their every demand. At a time when many farmers are abandoning sericulture due to various issues, ReshaMandi is encouraging and supporting farmers with its unwavering efforts. Apart from farmers, it is also making procurement of raw materials easier for reelers.

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