Hemp Fabrics: The Next Big Thing in Sustainable Fashion

Hemp Fabrics: The Next Big Thing in Sustainable Fashion

Hemp is one of the versatile and durable natural fibres. With growing environmental concerns there is a need to gravitate towards sustainable fabrics. We have several natural fibre fabrics to choose from. One such sustainable textile is Hemp. From time immemorial, hemp has been used for industrial purposes, like making rope and sails. Hemp ropes were traditionally the preferred material for rigging and sails on ships. 

Regarded as a superior fabric for clothing, hemp outperforms cotton and other synthetic textiles on almost every criterion.

The Fascinating Journey of Hemp Fibre to Fabric


Hemp fibre cultivation is devoid of pesticide and chemical use. It is cultivated in temperate zones and can grow up to 5 metres tall. They thrive on sandy loam and need very little water to grow.

Hemp Fabrics: The Next Big Thing in Sustainable Fashion

Distinctive Features of Hemp

  •  Resistant to pilling 
  •  Not susceptible to shrinkage
  •  Soft & highly durable
  •  Does not crease easily and has a good fall to it
  •  It is recyclable
  •  Comes in a very beautiful natural colour-yellowish-grey to dark brown
  • Mould resistant
  • UV resistant
Hemp Fabrics: The Next Big Thing in Sustainable Fashion

Hemp Fibre’s Variety

Decorticated hemp fibre: Woody interior removed from the soft exterior

Cottonized hemp fibres: Hemp fibres are spun along with cotton

Farmers involved in Hemp cultivation have many vantage points. It produces twice as much fibre per acre when compared with other natural fibres with minimal water consumption. Multiple benefits associated with Hemp fabrics make it a sought after agro textile. Also, Hemp has 8x the tensile strength of other natural fibres making it the perfect choice for everyday use. All these factors make Hemp a preferred choice for natural fabrics. 

Apart from apparel, hemp fabrics are extensively used to make tablecloths and upholstery. Blending hemp with other fabrics makes the textile softer while remaining durable. The increased demand for hemp fabrics necessitates the optimisation of the production of natural fibre. 

ReshaMandi Creates an Ecosystem for Natural Fibres

ReshaMandi has revolutionised the sericulture sector with its technology interventions and is encouraging good farming practices with IoT devices. After making sericulture a pleasant experience for numerous farmers, ReshaMandi has diversified into other natural fibres. By creating a value-added supply chain for natural fibres in India, ReshaMandi is creating effective avenues to maximise the production of various natural fibres. 

ReshaMandi’s meticulous efforts will bring natural fabrics to the forefront and pave the way for sustainable life choices.

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