More Power to a Sustainable Lifestyle, With Reshamandi

More Power to a Sustainable Lifestyle, With Reshamandi

While buying clothes, have you ever thought about the origin of the fabric? We usually just walk into a store and, without giving much thought, just grab the latest inexpensive clothes in the trend. However, there is more to our clothes than just vibrant colours and the money we splurge.

The ReshaMandi Connection 

Sustainability should be the key factor, starting from sourcing raw materials to the time a garment hits our wardrobe. But in this fast-paced world where spurious goods are available in plenty, we often end up with fabrics that are either not correctly sourced or derived from man-made fibres that are not sustainable. ReshaMandi knows that NATURAL FABRICS are sustainable and are the way forward in the fashion sector. With ground-breaking technology, ReshaMnadi has built a full-stack digital ecosystem for the natural fibre supply chain.

More Power to a Sustainable Lifestyle, With Reshamandi

Why are natural fabrics of high quality?

Natural: Natural fabrics like cotton, silk, linen, coir, and jute are completely made from natural fibres.

Breathable and absorbent: Natural fibres have high absorption. They dry out the dampness and allow good ventilation.

Durable: The structure of cellulose makes natural fibres stronger, thus making natural fabrics last longer.

Hypoallergenic: Fibres in natural fabrics have anti-bacterial properties that will lend protection against microbial attacks.

Biodegradable: Fabrics made of natural fibres are easily decomposed by bacteria.

Sustainable: Natural fibres are a renewable resource that is vital for sustainability.

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ReshaMandi has built a natural fibre ecosystem

With growing environmental concerns, an increasing number of people are opting for clothing made of natural fibres. ReshaMandi is working ardently to empower all the stakeholders involved in the natural fibre ecosystem-farmers, reelers, weavers, and retailers. It is sourcing cocoons from farmers, and helping reelers procure cocoons to spin high-quality yarn. It aids weavers in accessing yarn to create marvellous natural fabrics. ReshaMandi is not only bringing all stakeholders under one umbrella and connecting them, but it is also making exquisite natural fabrics accessible to the general public.

More people are making conscious fashion choices and preferring to opt for natural fabrics. ReshaMandi’s contribution to establishing a fully-fledged, functional natural fibre supply chain is crucial in meeting the growing demand for natural fabrics. By building a natural fibre ecosystem, it is creating hassle-free processes that will provide a greater reach for natural fabrics. Soon, with ReshaMandi’s intervention, a sustainable lifestyle will become a common choice and not a preference.

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