National Handloom Day Celebrations for Weavers in Banaras

National Handloom Day Celebrations for Weavers in Banaras

Weavers are the artisans who make the beauty of natural fibers blossom. They weave magic and work meticulously to take the famed weaving technique to new heights. ReshaMandi is partnering with numerous weavers who are the custodians of our handloom legacy and working with them to impact their livelihoods positively. The weavers fleet in the significant weaving hubs of our country like Banaras, Kancheepuram, and Dharmavaram are enthusiastically joining hands with ReshaMandi. 

ReshaMandi is with the weavers at every step. By establishing a business centre in Banaras, ReshaMandi is helping the weavers tackle the biggest challenge of raw material procurement. By buying their finished products like sarees and fabrics, it is creating an opportunity for weavers to clear their inventory faster and is ensuring better cash flow in the business. With glitches and uncertainties hampering proper flow in the supply chain, accessing high-quality raw materials on time was a huge problem. However, with ReshaMandi’s intervention, this is a problem of a bygone era. It has also gone a step further and is working towards establishing a good rapport with the weavers as ReshaMandi, lives, and functions by its motto-Relationships matter.

A Meet And Greet Session For Weavers

 ReshaMandi, recently organised a meet and greet session in Banaras for the weavers on the occasion of National Handloom Day. This event was an open platform for the weavers to interact with team ReshaMandi. The interaction helped us gauge the pain points that were affecting weavers’ business and formulate better solutions. The event received a remarkable response, as around 100 weavers across Banaras attended the event. 

At the event, weavers were briefed about the lucrative prospects they will reap by associating with ReshaMandi. Various benefits associated with ReshaMandi app like doorstep delivery of yarn, ease of purchasing yarn, product catalogue creation, and trend forecasting that will have a profound impact on their profitabilities were elucidated. Business updates and the new initiatives, ReshaMandi is putting in place were shared with the weavers. Several new weavers also joined hands with ReshaMandi at the same event. 

National Handloom Day Celebrations for Weavers in Banaras

Yarn, Credit Assistance & More for Weavers With ReshaMandi

ReshaMandi with a profound understanding of the weaver’s need is touching upon every point that is adversely affecting the weavers. Even with respect to financial support, ReshaMandi is lending the required support to the weavers to grow their business. Team ReshaMandi briefed weavers about credit assistance they can avail through ReshaMudra. ReshaMudra Invoice financing specifically designed for weavers to help them pay their suppliers and associates on time was elucidated. Also, ReshaMudra CapEx loans that will empower weavers to improve their business infrastructure was introduced. 

As India’s only farm to retail digital ecosystem for natural fibres supply chain, ReshaMandi is strengthening and empowering every stakeholder of the ecosystem. It is supporting and encouraging the weavers, who are nurturing the age old art and crafts of our country. The enthusiasm with which weavers participated in this event is a testament to the fact that not just for quality inputs and financial support, but the famed weavers are euphoric about partnering with ReshaMandi as it is a bond built on trust.

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