ReshaMandi ensures quality based pricing and easy tracking of cocoon lots

ReshaMandi tackles the dearth of raw materials in natural fibres supply chain

ReshaMandi, has associated with stakeholders of the natural fibre supply chain by building relationships that matter. With a deep understanding of their problems, it is trying to remove obstacles affecting their businesses and establish a bond of trust. Making good quality cocoons easily available at competitive prices for reelers is one of the core concerns that ReshaMandi has addressed successfully.. Good quality raw materials are a prerequisite for any business. Reelers need scientifically graded cocoons to spin a good yarn. The quality of cocoons dictates the grades of yarn manufactured. ReshaMandi has set up processes in its OCC platform (operation command center) to deliver quality-driven services to the reelers.

Cocoon Warehouse Enhanced New Flow for QC in OCC

With this new flow in OCC, we can track the end-to-end process, starting from the time cocoon lots are received at the ReshaMandi warehouse. To prioritise quality-based services, cocoon lots once received at the warehouse can be sold only after a QC check and segregation. To meet the quality parameters, shell ratio, and reelability will be captured for all the cocoon lots which will help in fixing the sales price based on quality assessment. Apart from fixing the right price, capturing the data associated with cocoon weight loss will help analyse discrepancies in price.

A to Z of cocoons: All you need to know

Cocoon Logistics Enhanced New Flow in OCC for easy tracking

With this new flow, we can capture ETAs (Estimated time of arrival), speedometer images, and vehicle images of our logistics partners during dispatch / transit. Apart from enabling better tracking for each stage of cocoon shipments, this process will also help the teams at the ReshaMandi warehouse plan their inventory better.

With these new features, we can track QC parameters and logistics data on OCC for all the procured cocoon lots. This will enable us to provide the best services to our reeler partners.

Workflow of Cocoon Warehouse New Enhanced Flow and Cocoon Logistics Enhanced Flow 

Flowchart 1:

Flowchart 2:

Flowchart 3:

Processes to be followed after the status is in “Received” status:

Flowchart 4:

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