ReshaMandi establishes its own centre in the weavers hub Varanasi

ReshaMandi establishes its own centre in the weavers hub Varanasi

“Quality only happens when you care enough to do your best”

How can we produce numero uno products? When we have the best quality raw material the outcome is high-quality top-notch products. At a time when the markets are flooded with facetious products, procuring the correct material plays a crucial role.

Even for a splendid fabric, good quality yarn is a must and who knows this fact better than ReshaMandi. From the time of its inception, ReshaMandi has been the crusader of the natural fibre ecosystem stakeholders. Through numerous technological interventions, ReshaMandi has ensured that each and every stakeholder of the natural fibre ecosystem stays benefited.

ReshaMandi Centre in Varanasi

Weavers are an important link in the natural fibre supply chain delivering the ultimate end product, fabric or saree to the customers. The best weave is possible only with good yarn. Banaras city consists of more than one lakh families of weavers. 

ReshaMandi is implementing every possible effort to help the humble fleet of weavers across India to procure scientifically graded yarn. Taking the right step in this direction, ReshaMandi opened their first company-owned centre at Varanasi for the local weavers.

This centre will act as a contact point for the weavers to access raw materials for their fabric. Apart from providing yarn, this business centre will also emerge as a lucrative avenue for the weavers to sell their products. 

At present, hassle-free yarn procurement becoming a reality for the numerous weavers of Varanasi, weaving the world-renowned 6-yard wonders loved and liked by all will be much easier. CEO, Mayank Tiwari and CTO, Saurabh Agarwal, with their families, inaugurated the centre and also interacted with the weavers present at the event.

ReshaMandi centre at Varanasi will strike the right chord with the weaver fleet of the city. With this centre, ReshaMandi is taking forward its cause of reviving the legacy of the traditional weaving domain of our country. We are sure this weavers centre will help lakhs of weaving families with ease of business.

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