ReshaMandi explores a new avenue: Onboards several co-branding partners

ReshaMandi explores a new avenue: Onboards several co-branding partners

With every new beginning, endless possibilities arise. ReshaMandi is expanding its horizons and entering a new phase with a co-branding partner initiative. By exploring this new facet, ReshaMandi is combining market strength, brand awareness, and positive associations while marching ahead expeditiously to achieve its cherished goal of clothing humanity.

ReshaMandi has joined hands with retail houses across the length and breadth of India.

Shagun, Amma Silks, Arhant, The FM Mart, Galaxy Mart, Shreya Textiles are a few of ReshaMandi’s co-branding partners.

Better connections

All for quality and quality for all as the guiding force, ReshaMandi through this co-branding partnership, will now be able to effectively connect with its end-users and give them access to a varied profile of high-calibre natural fabric products. Apart from boosting sales, this venture will also pave the way for ReshaMandi to increase its customer base.

ReshaMandi explores a new avenue: Onboards several co-branding partners

Greater reach

By partnering with numerous retail houses, ReshaMandi can offer its superlative finished goods to consumers in previously unreachable locations. Along with an enhanced customer reach, these associations with several retail outlets will establish ReshaMandi as a household name.

Establishing credibility

ReshaMandi will be able to effectively strengthen its brand by working with reputed retailers through a co-branding relationship. By aligning with the right partners, ReshaMandi will be able to showcase its assets and achieve better brand positioning in the market segments. Not just creating goodwill in the market, these factors will make the name ReshaMandi resonate with the best quality natural fabrics.

ReshaMandi’s venture, in addition to enhancing brand recognition, provides valuable products at affordable prices to the common man through retailers. It is making products lovingly crafted by numerous artisans and craftsmen from various parts of India accessible to everyone. By collaborating with ReshaMandi, retailers can easily appease their customers and win them over with world-class products.

Our brand presence

23 + partners and still counting!

Areraj: Galaxy Mart| The FM Mart

Balurghat: Shreya Textiles

Bhopal: Anand Collection| Shrimati Saree

Chennai: Goutam Textiles

Delhi: Noopur| Alina collection| Banarsi Saree Store| Anarkali Bazar

Dharbanga: Ashoka Sarees Mall

Ghaziabad: Shagun Saree Collections| Arhant| Gupta

Indore: Balaji Mall| Bahurani Boutique| Sudama Saree| Arya Kota Saree Emporium| Pepaloves| Shree Santosh Sarees

Patna: Sri Vastralya| Jhun Jhun Saree Wala| Kunden Silk

Pune: Kunden Silk

Sambhalpur: Maa Textiles| DM Creation

Udaipur: Vinayak Creations

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