ReshaMandi heralds a new era with unique experience centre at Bengaluru

ReshaMandi heralds a new era in B2B marketing with unique experience centre at Bengaluru

With each passing day, social media has changed the way we do business. More and more business enterprises are opting for social media as their channel to communicate with their customers and patrons about problems, their choices of products. Is chatting merely sufficient to understand and cater to the needs of your target audience?

ReshaMandi has devised an impeccable strategy for serving things right. With a motto of offering better service to its retail stakeholders, ReshaMandi has opened its first experience centre in Bengaluru on 24th February. This experience centre cum warehouse situated at Wilson Garden offers a warm ambience, an approachable inviting vibe for the retailers.

Retailers are the ultimate link that connects us to our end users. Providing them with a sense of discovery, helping them gauge and ascertain the various facets of the products is crucial. Our experience centre is effectively doing this. It has created a real-time platform for retailers, from where they can visit and buy sarees emanating from various geographical areas of our country.

ReshaMandi heralds a new era in B2B marketing with unique experience centre at Bengaluru

Apart from providing diverse products, ReshaMandi’s experience centre also solves the problem of scalability faced by many retailers. This centre has set up a hassle-free process facilitating bulk buying for retailers and is also aiding them in catering superior quality products like silk and cotton to their customers.

ReshaMandi heralds a new era in B2B marketing with unique experience centre at Bengaluru

With an environment designed around tailored experiences, coupled with meaningful and personalized conversations. Our experience centres are the front runners backing us in establishing better connect with the retailers, one of the stakeholders in the natural fibre ecosystem.

ReshaMandi’s experience centres have created an opportunity for retailers to mould their businesses effectively in newer trajectories by appeasing their customers with good products. For any retailer who wants to create a strong customer base built on excellent products, shopping and buying from our experience center is a must.

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