ReshaMandi Honoured as ‘Best Application Development Company’ at India Devops Show 2023

ReshaMandi Honoured as 'Best Application Development Company' at India Devops Show 2023

We are thrilled to announce  the latest accolade we received as the ‘Best Application Development Company’ in the agri-tech category, at the India Devops Show 2023. This remarkable achievement is a testament to the exceptional efforts and dedication of our Senior Vice President of Technology, Shiv Prasad Khillar, and his talented team.

ReshaMandi app is reshaping the natural fibre ecosystem by bringing farmers, yarn manufacturers, weavers, and retailers on a single platform to ease the way of their businesses.. The app incorporates machine learning, AI, data analytics, and IoT to deliver exceptional functionality and benefits to all stakeholders.

ReshaMandi Honoured as 'Best Application Development Company' at India Devops Show 2023

For Farmers

  • Easy Transactions: Farmers can sell cocoons and purchase chawkis
  • Scientific Grading: Farmers can scientifically grade their cocoons for better pricing.
  • Higher Yields and Profits: ReshaMandi’s tech strategy supports farmers in achieving higher yields and increased profits

For Yarn manufacturers

  • Hassle-Free Processes: The app ensures hassle-free processes for reelers/yarn manufactureres, addressing challenges related to raw material quality and fair pricing
  • Scientifically Graded Cocoons: Reelers can purchase scientifically graded cocoons through the app
  • Yarn Sales and Bidding: Reelers can sell yarn and participate in cocoon product bidding, enhancing their business opportunities
  • Financial Benefits: The app offers additional financial benefits such as credit facilities

For Weavers

  • Superior Yarn Procurement: Weavers can easily purchase superior quality yarn through the app
  • Showcase Products: Weavers can showcase their finished products to relevant buyers by creating their catalogues within the app
  • Expanded Sales Opportunities: The super-app enables weavers to gain exposure to various retailers and sell their products to a large customer base

For Retailers

  • Quality Assurance: Retailers can purchase sarees and fabrics from diverse geographies, ensuring access to genuine, high-quality products
  • Distinct Stakeholder Needs: ReshaMandi’s super-app caters to the distinct needs of each stakeholder in the natural fibre ecosystem
  • Streamlined Operations: The app streamlines the retailer’s sourcing process, enabling them to meet customer expectations effectively

The recognition from India Devops Show 2023 highlights ReshaMandi’s commitment to technological innovation and transformative impact on the natural fibre supply chain. We remain dedicated to empowering stakeholders and building a sustainable and thriving natural fibre ecosystem.

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