ReshaMandi Is Empowering Reelers With Myriad of Benefits

ReshaMandi Is Empowering Reelers With Myriad of Benefits

The word ‘silk’ resonates with luxury and class. The fabric’s unparalleled lustre and sheer elegance has won hearts worldwide. In India silk production provides employment and self-employment to more than five and half million people. Approximately, fifty six lakhs people are dependent on the sericulture industry, 5.6 million people out of which 4.7 million are agriculturists, while rest are reelers, weavers etc.

Silk reeling is the final and commercial phase of sericulture that is concerned with the unwinding of silk filaments from cocoons.

Process of Silk Reeling

  • Silkworms are reared for obtaining cocoons which form the raw material for producing raw silk.
  • Cocoons are cooked in hot water and the silk fibre is unwound from cocoons.
  • The silk consists of two proteins, the inner core of fibroin and an outer cover of gum sericin. During reeling, cocoons are processed in hot water, enabling the sericin portion to soften and make unwinding easy without breaks.

Reelers and yarn manufacturers are the crucial link in the natural fibre supply chain. They are the stakeholders who ultimately transform the farmer’s produce into intermediary products which can be further be used to weave fabrics. Despite the important role, silk reelers and yarn manufacturers play, the sector deals with its own set of problems. 

Bottlenecks Affecting Reelers

  • Cocoon price fluctuations
  • Dearth of logistics support for cocoon procurement
  • Dumping of low calibre silk yarn
  • Inadequate supply of scientifically graded cocoons

As the pioneers transforming the natural fibre ecosystem, ReshaMandi is not alone empowering farmers but also championing reelers and yarn manufacturers. The reeling and yarn manufacturing sector is an entity in itself as several manual silk reeling units provide employment to around 50,000 people. However, most of these live in conditions of absolute poverty and exist on meagre incomes. 

ReshaMandi is mitigating problems faced by reelers, yarn manufacturers and is establishing hassle free processes for them.

ReshaMandi Is Empowering Reelers With Myriad of Benefits

ReshaMandi Provides Supreme Quality Raw materials

The dearth of good quality cocoons is a major problem which hampers the silk yarn production. However, with ReshaMandi establishing several business centres for reelers, they can now easily access scientifically graded cocoons. By visiting the centres, reelers can place their bids for the cocoons via ReshaMandi app and can buy raw materials of different quality based on their requirements. As all these business centres are located in the reeler hubs, stakeholders can avoid long-distance travelling and access cocoons at their nearest local markets.

ReshaMandi Provides Cocoons at Better Prices

Fluctuating cocoon prices is one more aspect that deeply impacts the reelers. As the reelers are compelled to shell out more money on the purchase of cocoons their profit margins take a hit. With ReshaMandi’s intervention, silk reelers can now buy scientifically graded cocoons at better prices, invest less on raw materials and maximise their profits.

ReshaMandi Optimises Benefits 

While numerous businesses suffered reeling under the grappling hook of COVID-pandemic, reeler sector was also affected. ReshaMandi is empowering the reelers by offering best prices for their yarn. Apart from acting as an avenue to increase profits, this will aid in quicker clearance of inventory for the reelers.

ReshaMandi Provides Financial Support

Uncertain profits, inadequate collaterals for mortgage, minimal credit worthiness, and other factors are a few hurdles that reelers face while securing financial help. ReshaMandi is now empowering the reelers and yarn manufacturers by providing the required financial support to grow their businesses. Tailor made financial solutions offered also help the stakeholders to improve their infrastructure and optimise outputs.

ReshaMandi, the supreme leader of the natural fibre supply chain, with its contributions has changed the entire contour of the natural fibre ecosystem. From facilitating farmers to reap better produce to empowering reelers and weavers, it effectively puts processes in place for end to end management of the natural supply chain. It is these effective processes that have resolved issues faced by the stakeholders of the natural fibre supply chain and transformed them into successful entrepreneurs. 

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