ReshaMandi nurtures entrepreneurship and transforms businesses into successful ventures

ReshaMandi nurtures entrepreneurship and transforms businesses into successful ventures

What is common amongst Ritu Kumar, Ritu Beri, Neeta Lulla and Masaba Gupta? They are all accomplished women fashion designers. Their apparel designs and fashion merchandise are adorned by Indian and international celebrities alike. However, this fame and success might not have been easy to achieve. Fashion entrepreneurs have to tide over several unfavourable conditions that impact their business. Lack of raw materials, not so evolved infrastructure, unskilled workforce, lack of latest trends  in the unorganised textile industry act as  deterrents  for the textile and fashion fraternity to make informed decisions.

ReshaMandi is supporting women fashion entrepreneurs by creating definitive fashion trends and removing the hurdles that affect their businesses.

ReshaMandi: Fashion houses’ preferred partner

ReshaMandi nurtures entrepreneurship and transforms businesses into successful ventures

There are many fashion houses and designers who have benefited from associating with ReshaMandi. Suhani Sapra, design head of GKBC Global Pvt. Ltd., shares the advantages her business has gained after partnering with ReshaMandi. She suggests that through ReshaMandi’s trend forecasting for the Indian fashion segment, she is effectively able to improve her design aesthetics and cater to the tastes of both domestic and international buyers.

Pallavi Mohan, founder of Not So Serious and an accomplished designer, shares her insights about the value ReshaMandi has added to her business. Earlier, the fabrics available locally were not of the desired quality and that led businesses to outsource the procurement. Without much investment in design development, research, and technology, the fashion sector faced a dearth of innovative fabrics. However, ReshaMandi has changed the game altogether and all these problems are now of the past. By creating a one-stop sourcing platform for natural fibre, ReshaMandi has brought the best of Indian fabrics and textiles together in a stunning way.  Be it the exquisite fabrics, the craftsmanship, the embroidery, prints, or pressed flower prints, the product offering is just phenomenal. 

ReshaMandi, India’s first and largest farm-to-fashion digital ecosystem for natural fibres supply chain is  empowering and connecting farmers, reelers, weavers, retailers, exporters, yarn manufacturers, mill owners, corporate and design houses, end-consumers of the textile value chain. It is also helping fashion houses and entrepreneurs like Suhani and Pallavi to successfully captain their own ship. By providing hassle-free access to fabrics crafted from natural fibres and providing the required market intelligence through trend forecasting, ReshaMandi is adding an edge to their businesses. It is enabling entrepreneurs to steer ahead of problems and take their businesses towards  profitability. 

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