ReshaMandi offers global visibility to natural fibre supply chain stakeholders of India

ReshaMandi offers global visibility to natural fibre supply chain stakeholders

Indian domestic textile and apparel market is estimated at USD 75 billion dollars in the year 2020-21.

As one of India’s oldest industries, it provides employment to several people. The textile industry ranks next to the agriculture sector in generating employment opportunities. It is the largest single industry in our country and amongst the biggest in the world, accounting for about 20% of the total industrial production.

The textile sector caters to the most basic needs of people. Its contribution to our country’s economy is immense as it is a self-reliant industry. It creates a substantial value addition at each stage of processing from the production of raw materials to the delivery of the finished products. Apparel, handicrafts, and home and living products crafted from Indian natural fabrics are world-renowned. Banarasi, Dharmavaram, Paithani, and other sarees have been the favourites of saree connoisseurs across the globe.

ReshaMandi- For all things natural fibres

ReshaMandi, as India’s first and largest farm-to-retail digital ecosystem for natural fibre supply chain, is catering to the needs of textile B2Bs. With its tech-enabled solutions, ReshaMandi has established hassle-free processes that empower every stakeholder of the natural fibre ecosystem. Working with the stakeholders at the grassroots, ReshaMandi has organised the unorganised natural fibre sector and has created a positive impact on their incomes. With its latest endeavour, ReshaMandi is bringing the goodness of Indian natural fibres to the world. 

ReshaMandi’s global sourcing platform

By launching a global platform , ReshaMandi has become the world’s largest natural textiles partner for customers looking for sustainable solutions. With this sourcing platform, ReshaMandi is adding an edge to the businesses of the textile B2Bs, as it manifests into several direct benefits for reelers, yarn manufacturers,woven fabric manufacturers, and retailers

Advantages for the stakeholders of the natural fibres supply chain

Global visibility for  stakeholders

ReshaMandi offers global visibility to natural fibre supply chain stakeholders

ReshaMandi Ecosystem is a platform catering to a vast consumer base. It harbours a wide range of natural fibre products like yarns, fabrics, apparel, accessories, and home and living products crafted by the stakeholders of the natural fibre supply chain. Global brands, fashion houses, and fabric manufacturers can source all these exquisite products. ReshaMandi Ecosystem acts as a platform that will present the talent, art, and craft of the stakeholders of the natural fibre ecosystem to a larger audience, giving them global visibility.

Enhanced market linkages 

As consumers worldwide are able to source natural fibre products from ReshaMandi’s global platform, it is creating a great reach for Indian handlooms, fabrics, and apparel. This provides enhanced market linkages for the products crafted by the natural fibres ecosystem stakeholder.

ReshaMandi’s global sourcing platform connects global consumers with 4500+ reelers, 5000+ weavers and mills, 100 + retailers, 500+ apparel manufacturers, and 100+ fabric manufacturers. Apart from connecting stakeholders of the Indian natural fibre ecosystem with the world, ReshaMandi Ecosystem is creating avenues for the stakeholders to increase their income.

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