ReshaMandi positively impacts the lives of weavers

ReshaMandi positively impacts the lives of weavers

India has a rich and diverse weaving tradition and styles. Undoubtedly, Indian wardrobe differs from others in a few too many ways. The difference lies in the way in which our fabrics are made and worn. From time immemorial, each village in India had its weaver who, along with others, produced the finest quality of textiles. A weaver creates a pattern by mixing shades, works meticulously, pulling and tugging the threads. Weaving a garment for someone whom they have never met but will connect through the intricate tapestry of theirs. Working rigorously on the loom, keeping the momentum and perfection intact, weavers pour their soul into creating a garment. Weavers of India have fervently held on to their work passed on through generations, because for them it is a blissful simplest way of life.

According to the 4th all India handloom census (2019-20), there are about 26, 73,891 handloom weavers and 8,48,621 allied workers in our country. Weavers domain is one of the largest unorganised sectors.

Problems faced by Weavers

Despite the fact that the weavers segment plays a crucial part in creating a wide variety of utility and fashion clothes, the domain is plagued by multifarious problems.

  • Dearth of good quality inputs
  • Marketing bottlenecks
  • Infrastructural woes
  • Inadequate knowledge of latest fashion trends

ReshaMandi is with the weavers at every step

ReshaMandi, with earnest efforts is resolving issues faced by weavers and creating hassle free processes that are positively impacting them. ReshaMandi is with weavers at every step, working at grass root levels and is bringing a remarkable change in their lives.

ReshaMandi provides quality inputs

Good fabric output can be obtained only with the best quality yarn. As spurious quality goods flood the market, access to quality raw materials pose a problem for the weavers fleet. With ReshaMandi’s intervention, this is a problem of the past. ReshaMandi is providing scientifically graded yarn for better fabric output at fair prices. It offers doorstep delivery of yarn. Weavers can place orders for yarn via the ReshaMandi super app and save time and money on travel. Ontime availability of raw materials for weavers will enable continuity of  business and avoid any  loss of capital. Also, weavers can invest the time saved on travel on other secondary occupations and increase their incomes.

ReshaMandi facilitates better market linkages

Lack of means to connect with retailers and business houses to market their fabrics is a real time hindrance for the weavers fleet. ReshaMandi has cleared this hurdle and smoothened processes for weavers. Through the ReshaMandi super app, weavers can create catalogues of their fabrics and display it to numerous retailers across the country and thus get assistance in marketing their products effectively. 

ReshaMandi offers convenience 

Access to buyers who can pay the right value for their fabrics on time is a factor of paramount importance to the livelihoods of numerous weavers. ReshaMandi has a fix to this problem as well. Weavers can sell their fabrics conveniently to ReshaMandi and receive online payments on time. This comes as a huge relief to the weavers as they need not have to scout for buyers in the markets as ReshaMandi is acting as an efficient platform for them to sell their fabrics.

ReshaMandi creates a greater reach for products

Demand for exquisite fabrics in markets is always high. Glitches in the supply chain create a gap, preventing access to sarees, and fabrics unique to several regions of the customers. ReshaMandi with its D2C platform, ReshaWeaves by ReshaMandi is providing a feasible solution to this problem. With this endeavour, ReshaMandi is bringing weavers of India to the forefront and in a way providing a greater reach for their products. Sarees originating from the nook and corners of our country lovingly crafted by weavers are available on ReshaWeaves by ReshaMandi to the customers.

ReshaMandi extends the required guidance

Inadequate knowledge of the latest fashion trends acts as a significant factor preventing weavers from catering to the interests of fashion enthusiasts. ReshaMandi has put its best foot forward and is reaching out to weavers in this regard. An in-house design team guides the weavers team. With support from the team, the craftsmen gain a thorough knowledge of the latest fashion trends. This presents a fantastic opportunity for weavers to understand the needs, demands of the market, produce the right products that will appease the customers and obtain better prices for their fabrics.ReshaMandi also offers credit assistance to weavers to help them grow their businesses.

ReshaMandi has cleared hurdles and eased the burden of numerous weavers. Weavers are the hands that weave for the body to drape. ReshaMandi is working with weavers, reviving age-old art forms, offering them convenience, ease of access to raw materials, market exposure and empowering them.

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