ReshaMandi puts an end to credit woes of the natural fibres ecosystem stakeholders

ReshaMandi puts an end to credit woes of the natural fibres ecosystem stakeholders

ReshaMandi, has created a value-added supply chain for natural fibres in India. By touching upon the pain points that were negatively impacting stakeholders’ profitability, ReshaMandi has revolutionised the natural fibres ecosystem. It is providing quality inputs, IoTs to improve crop yields for farmers, and high-quality raw materials to craft the best products, exquisite fabrics for the textile retailers to keep their businesses running. As crucial as the supply of raw materials is for a business, access to credit facilities is also vital for the growth of the textile trade. ReshaMandi, with its new venture, ReshaMudra is providing financial solutions to the natural fibre supply chain stakeholders and fueling their business growth plans. 

ReshaMandi’s ReshaMudra offers credit assistance

Several stakeholders of the natural fibre ecosystem like farmers, reelers, weavers, and retailers face a dearth of working capital. ReshaMandi with ReshaMudra will become the trusted financial growth partner of the stakeholders. This financial support will lend the right financial support enabling them to grow their business, thus increasing profit margins.

The credit assistance offered by ReshaMudra is designed to suit the specific business needs of reelers, yarn manufacturers, weavers, and retailers. Long waiting periods for loans, and dependency on documentation, and collateral, make it difficult for the stakeholders to access financial resources from banks. ReshaMudra resolves these problems and provides quick, personalised, and transparent credit assistance to the stakeholders of the natural fibres supply chain.

ReshaMudra’s financial offerings

Buy now pay later

Designed for the reelers and weavers to buy raw material from us and pay us back. There are different credit periods offered to suit the production. 

Invoice financing

With Invoice Financing credit assistance- weavers, fabric manufacturers, and retailers can pay their suppliers on time whenever they face cash flow problems in their business.

CapEx loans

Is designed to unlock the capital for weavers, fabric manufacturers, and reelers to improve their business infrastructure and establish factories or looms.

ReshaMandi by providing credit assistance via ReshaMudra is nurturing the aspirations of stakeholders of the natural fibres ecosystem to grow their business. It is motivating them to dream bigger dreams and is also helping them fulfil their ambitions of becoming successful entrepreneurs. 

Please reach out to us for more information at +91 9901300605.

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