ReshaMandi Redefines the Way Retailers Do Business

ReshaMandi Redefines the Way Retailers Do Business

ReshaMandi has connected all the stakeholders of the natural fibres supply chain. Apart from working closely with the farmers, yarn manufacturers, and weavers, it is also partnering with fabric retailers and creating a positive impact on their profitability and livelihoods. By providing convenience, it is redefining the way retailers are doing business. Fabric retailers are the ultimate link in the natural fibres supply chain. They are the channel through which ReshaMandi’s exquisite fabrics, apparel, and sarees reach the end consumers. By collaborating with fabric retailers, ReshaMandi is making sustainable, high-quality natural fabrics easily accessible to the common man.  

Running businesses at a time when people prefer to shop online is a challenge to retailers. Ensuring adequate footfall in their stores that will eventually transform into a purchase is a real-time problem that fabric retailers face. Lack of supply chain management affects the availability of the right products at the right time. Today’s consumers seek sustainable quality products. The ever-changing consumer likes, dislikes, and lack of knowledge of the latest fashion trends make it difficult for retailers to gauge the correct preferences of customers. Most textile retailers in our country do not have proper access to a variety of fabrics, sarees, and apparel. ReshaMandi, through digitization is redefining the way retailers are doing business in our country.

ReshaMandi Redefines the Way Retailers Do Business

Easy Access to Exquisite Fabrics With ReshaMandi

ReshaMandi through its super app has made several processes simple and easier for retailers. The dearth of high-quality fabrics is a problem that negatively impacts retailers. As today’s consumers seek quality products at affordable prices, the right resource from where retailers can procure products will be a blessing for their business. ReshaMandi has resolved this problem for retailers. Through the ReshaMandi app, retailers can access the largest collection of natural fabrics, sarees, and apparel. Retailers can choose from fabrics directly sourced from weavers across the country in the ReshaMandi app and place orders at the click of a button. By collaborating with ReshaMandi, retailers are able to win over customers with exquisite fabrics. Collaboration with ReshaMandi is a win-win situation for retailers. Retailers get to offer good quality fabrics to customers and maintain a consistent supply of inventory, both these factors help the retailers to retain their customer base and also effectively cater to their needs.

ReshaMandi Redefines the Way Retailers Do Business

ReshaMandi-A One-Stop Sourcing Solution for Retailers

ReshaMandi understands the needs of fabric retailers. Today’s customers don’t just look for quality, and affordability but also for variety and diversity in products. ReshaMandi is able to gauge this nuance better than anyone else and is providing the right solution. Through the ReshaMandi app, retailers can buy sarees originating from various parts of our country.  They can also do a specific search, ie, upload any photo of fabric or saree they are looking for in the ReshaMandi app and place orders. ReshaMandi acts as a one-stop sourcing shop for retailers where they can access any variety of fabric: Dharmavaram, Kanjivaram, Banarsi, or any other saree they want. By sourcing fashion products from ReshaMandi, retailers can also tackle the problem of spurious or fake products and ensure only original, high-quality products reach their loyal customer base.

ReshaMandi Offers Convenience

Fabric retailers have to usually travel to source products for their brick-and-mortar stores. Procuring products for their stores can be a time-consuming process for most retailers. This is now a problem of a bygone era as ReshaMandi offers logistics support to retailers. With on-time delivery of products, retailers can save time and money on travel. As exquisite fabrics are delivered from ReshaMandi at their shop’s doorstep, retailers can just focus only on their business without worrying about the supply of goods.

Know Trends Better With ReshaMandi

When customers shop, they seek the latest trending products. To offer the customers the products they seek the most, retailers should know the latest trends that are in practice. ReshaMandi through its app offers retailers trend forecasts. It assists them to understand the latest saree collections, color combinations, and design patterns that are trending and helps them stay up to date with respect to different styles that are being followed. Through trend forecasts, retailers can provide the latest products to their customers and improve sales in their shops.

Credit Assistance With ReshaMudra

Apart from providing access to fabrics, ReshaMandi also offers monetary assistance to the retailers. It provides them with credit assistance, to improve infrastructure and grow their business. This credit assistance comes in handy when the retailer’s capital gets stuck. It will give them the required financial support to pay their suppliers or associates and ensures business continuity.

ReshaMandi has partnered with about 5000+ retailers. It is with them at every step, clearing all the hurdles that affect their businesses. ReshaMandi has made things better for fabric retailers by creating avenues for increasing profitability and ushering in prosperity for them. ReshaMandi has also eased out processes for the fabric retailers and touched every pain point that was acting as an obstacle, obstructing the smooth functioning of their businesses. 

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