ReshaMandi super-app shaping the natural fibre supply chain

ReshaMandi super-app shaping the natural fibre supply chain

Technology like art is a soaring exercise of the human imagination. – Daniel Bell

ReshaMandi has changed the entire contour of the natural fibre ecosystem with its groundbreaking technology. Starting at the grass-root level and traversing through other stakeholders of the natural fibre supply chain, ReshaMandi is the only start-up in India connecting farmers, weavers, reelers and retailers.

Can ReshaMandi super app benefit every stakeholder?

ReshaMandi incorporates several technologies at its disposal, like rapid digitalization, machine learning, AI, data analytics, IoT to name a few. The result is the ReshaMandi super-app, i.e. one app which can be used by farmers, weavers, reelers and retailers.

ReshaMandi Super App

For Farmers

Farmers can sell cocoons, buy chawkis, inputs like formalin and bleaching powder. 

  • Apart from these, the Reshafeeds feature in the app enables the farmer to receive a wide array of information, ranging from communication about disease detection, advisories and more. 
  • Via the app, farmers can calculate the amount of Mulberry required for silkworm rearing and they can also get their cocoons scientifically graded to obtain better pricing. 
  • With an effective tech strategy in place, ReshaMandi is providing immense support to the farmers helping them reap higher yields and better profits.

For Reelers

The dearth of good quality raw materials and fair pricing for yarn is a stumbling block for the reelers. ReshaMandi via its app ensures that it creates hassle-free processes for the weaver fleet. 

  • With the display of lots enabled, weavers can buy scientifically graded cocoons, sell yarn and place their bid for cocoon products through the app. 
  • With the super app, as an added financial benefit, the reelers can apply for credit and check the yarn prices.
Reshamandi super app

For Weavers

Yarn procurement and having access to the right platform to sell their finished products are the major hurdles weavers face. 

  • Through the ReshaMandi super app, weavers can purchase superior quality yarn. 
  • Weavers can display their products to relevant buyers by creating their catalogue in the app. 
  • The super-app aids weavers to easily establish a connection with various retailers and sell their products via app to a large base of customers.

For Retailers

With spurious products flooding the markets, getting hold of good quality products that appease the customers pose a challenge to the retailers. 

  • Retailers can buy sarees and fabrics originating from diverse geographies through the ReshaMandi super app.
  • ReshaMandi super app caters to the distinct needs of every stakeholder. 
  • ReshaMandi has effectively mitigated the problems faced by the stakeholders and has created an organised and functional niche via its super-app.

ReshaMandi super app caters to the distinct needs of every stakeholder in the natural fibre ecosystem.

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