ReshaMandi tackles the dearth of raw materials in natural fibres supply chain

ReshaMandi tackles the dearth of raw materials in natural fibres supply chain

Our country is among the world’s largest producers of textiles and apparel. 4% share of global trade in textiles belongs to India. The Indian technical textiles segment is estimated at $16 bn, approximately 6% of the global market. The textiles and apparel industry is the 2nd largest employer in our country providing direct employment to 45 million people and 100 million people in allied industries. India’s natural fibre supply chain plays a paramount role in the textile sector. The stakeholders of the natural fibre supply chain farmers, yarn manufacturers, reelers, weavers, and retailers are the backbone of the textile industry. However, lucrative statistics of the textile sector seem, the supply chain has its own set of problems to deal with.

ReshaMandi tackles the dearth of raw materials

ReshaMandi tackles the dearth of raw materials in natural fibres supply chain

ReshaMandi’s latest endeavour is a step toward creating an unlimited supply of yarn and cocoons in the textile supply chain. Yarn manufacturers and reelers are an important link in the natural fibre supply chain. The continuous availability of cocoons to create yarns is a key factor that lets the supply chain function without any glitches. When the dearth of cocoons occurs it directly affects the availability of yarn resulting in drastic price fluctuation in markets. This demand and supply disproportionality in the supply chain negatively impacts the profitability of reeling units, and weavers also end up shelling out hefty prices for yarn incurring huge losses. The need of the hour is a strategy that will keep raw materials like cocoons and yarns always available in the natural fibre supply chain and put an end to price fluctuations, i.e. maintain the right demand and supply equation.

ReshaMandi has effectively devised a strategy to resolve the problem of raw material availability in the natural fibre supply chain. 

ReshaMandi provides hassle-free access to cocoons

ReshaMandi is sourcing cocoons from farmers across the silk belt of India. Reelers and yarn manufacturers can procure cocoons from ReshaMandi centres at fair prices. As the cocoons at ReshaMandi centres are scientifically graded, yarn manufacturers can rest assured about the quality of raw materials. By selling cocoons at its centres, ReshaMandi is providing easy access to raw materials to the reelers. 

Better income for reelers with ReshaMandi

ReshaMandi tackles the dearth of raw materials in natural fibres supply chain

Apart from empowering reelers with good-quality cocoons, ReshaMandi is also partnering with them to produce yarn. This not alone caters to the dearth of raw materials but is also creating an avenue for reeling units to maximise their profits. Whenever the production cycles in reeling units are disturbed, the machinery comes to a halt. While reelers continue to spend on operational costs and tend to suffer losses due to idle machinery and workforce. ReshaMandi is selling cocoons to reelers at a fair cost and is also paying them the best wages as per the industry standards to produce yarn. ReshaMandi later procures the yarn from these reeling units, making them accessible to numerous weavers.

With the required technical amendments, ReshaMandi has automated the process of assigning the cocoon lots and procuring the yarns created from reeling units. 

At a time when the near-term prospects of spinning mills and reeling units look bleak, ReshaMandi is supporting reelers and yarn manufacturers. It is providing them with an opportunity to avoid capital losses, utilise their reeling unit’s capacity effectively to produce yarn continuously, and gain better profit margins. By providing hassle-free access to cocoons and giving monetary benefits to reelers to produce yarn, ReshaMandi has designed a strategy to financially empower them and strike the right equation between demand and supply in the natural fires supply chain.


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