ReshaMandi’s print forecast decodes upcoming trends for weavers

ReshaMandi’s print forecast: Decodes upcoming trends for weavers

Weavers are the custodians of our handloom legacy. They are the backbone of our handloom sector, dedicating themselves to crafting world renowned Indian six yard wonders and exquisite fabrics. For several years, our weaving sector has remained impermeable to technology. The weavers fleet continued to weave fabrics, sarees using traditional weaving techniques. 

ReshaMandi with its groundbreaking technology is introducing unique features that will redefine the way weavers craft products. ReshaMandi’s print forecast will provide market intelligence to weavers, guiding them to craft products that will strike the right chord with customers and thus will sell more.

ReshaMandi’s Print Forecast

ReshaMandi’s print forecast decodes upcoming trends for weavers

A business or enterprise can maximise its profits only by catering to the dynamic needs of a market. However, this is not easy. At a time when market trends change on a daily basis, it is difficult for small-business fabric weavers to discern consumer interests and create products accordingly. For weavers, a clear-cut understanding of the motifs, designs, and prints that will appease the end consumer is of paramount importance. How will a weaver access this kind of data or knowledge?

ReshaMandi’s most recent offering, a print forecast, provides weavers with the necessary market intelligence. This unique forecast was created specifically with the Indian fashion market in mind. It will provide region-specific information about the prints, designs, and motifs that will be prevalent in the fashion segment in the months to come.

ReshaMandi decodes trends and styles for weavers

ReshaMandi’s print forecast is extensive, providing insight into future fashion trends. It is created after carefully analysing several aspects that influence or dictate Indian fashion trends. The prints on fabrics that are in rampant use in show biz, and entertainment industries, the attire and sarees adorned by celebrities, and the weather and architectural motifs prevalent in regions were all considered while curating these product forecasts. Apart from being comprehensive in nature, these print forecast reports for the weavers will elucidate the styles, i.e. motifs, and colours that the consumer will gravitate towards in the seasons to come.

ReshaMandi’s print forecast decodes upcoming trends for weavers

Print forecast will also give a modern touch to some of the traditional six-yard wonders. For instance, some weavers craft traditional Dharmavaram sarees in yellow colour but consumers prefer other colours. By following ReshaMandi style guides, they will be able to gauge in advance the fast-moving colours, fabric prints, type of saree borders, and upcoming trends, incorporate them in their products and ensure that the sarees they weave will find buyers in the market.

ReshaMandi’s print forecast offers multitude of benefits

Through ReshaMandi’s print forecast, weavers can use the correct style guides, and craft fabrics and sarees while keeping in view the latest fashion trends followed in the market. This not only ensures better saleability for their products but also prevents inventory wastage and unnecessary capital expenditure.

ReshaMandi’s print forecast decodes upcoming trends for weavers

The sarees and fabrics that fail to stand out in the market, end up as dead inventory, consuming storage space in the weaving units. The efforts and man-hours spent on unsold goods are futile. Manufacturing and operational costs spent on weaving the unsold products negatively impact the craftsmen’s profits. Just by guiding the weaver fleet to craft the right products, ReshaMandi is preventing them from incurring huge losses and adding an edge to their income profiles.  

ReshaMandi’s print forecasting feature on the ReshaMandi app

Weavers can avail print forecasting reports through the ReshaMandi app or visit

ReshaMandi is empowering our country’s weavers with the right methods and techniques to weave and sell right through tech-enabled solutions. 

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