ReshaMandi’s ReshaAbhivrudhi- India’s First-Ever Sericulture Growth Program 

ReshaMandi empowers farmers to become successful entrepreneurs

ReshaMandi since its inception has set up several hassle-free processes for farmers and has changed the way natural fibre farming is practiced in India. With its procurement centers across the silk belt of our country, ReshaMandi is helping the farmers sell cocoons in the nearest mandis at fair prices, saving time and money on travel. However, ReshaMandi’s efforts don’t stop here. Working at grassroots levels, it has gauged the necessities of the stakeholders of the natural fibres ecosystem. Farmers face several uncertainties. It is a well-known fact that the yield and quality of the crop are highly impacted by the prevalent climatic conditions. A mechanism that will support the farmers to tide over unfavorable conditions is needed. Means and methods that will bring farmers out of the distress they face during a crop loss and put them back on the path toward prosperity are of vital importance.

ReshaMandi’s ReshaAbhivrudhi: A unique program for sericulture farmers

ReshaMandi has launched a unique growth program for sericulturists. Aimed at mitigating the problems that arise due to crop loss, this is India’s first-ever sericulture growth program for silk farmers. The unique growth program is comprehensive covering all the needs of farmers. For sericulture farmers, ReshaAbhivrudhi ticks the right boxes by resolving problems related to crop yields, crop loss, lack of advisories, and more.

ReshaMandi’s ReshaAbhivrudhi for higher crop yield

The unscientific methods followed by farmers hugely impact crop yield. Integration of technology in agriculture is imperative for progressive farming. ReshaAbhivrudi growth program provides ReshaSaathi IoT devices for sericulture farmers. ReshaSaathi rearing shed IoT, helps silk farmers easily monitor and maintain the ideal conditions required for silkworm growth. With all the parameters in the rearing shed set in place, sericulture farmers can obtain up to 80% cocoon yield (minimum guarantee). While the cocoon yield is good, the sericulture farmers can reap adequate profit margins.

ReshaMandi’s ReshaSaathi IoT transforms silk farming

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ReshaMandi’s ReshaAbhivrudhi covers crop loss

Unpredictable Indian monsoons, natural calamities, and fire accidents destroy crops creating a huge dent in the farmers’ income profile. During such troubled times, ReshaAbhivrudhi sericulture growth program offers solace to silk farmers.

  • It is offering claim settlement for crop failure in collaboration with Agriculture Insurance Company of India Limited
  • It also provides a monetary compensation of up to Rs.200 per DFL or Rs 200 per kg on a yield lesser than 80%

ReshaMandi’s ReshaAbhivrudhi for expert advisories

Access to scientific guidance is crucial for farmers as it helps them to choose the best farming practices. Every farmer deals with a unique set of problems.  Soil, weather, and nutritive elements in the land impact cultivation. ReshaAbivrudi offers personalised farming solutions to ease the burden of sericulture farmers. ReshaMandi’s team visits the farm and also shares telecalling advisories about disease management, pest control, soil-fertilizer management, and nutritional deficiency management. The right set of advisory guides the farmers to mitigate the day-to-day problems they face in the field, and rearing shed. By effectively protecting their crops from pests and maintaining apt farming conditions, sericulture farmers can easily reap better profits. 

Additional benefits with ReshaAbhivrudhi

Reshaabhivrudhi also offers sericulture farmers the option of selling their cocoons at the nearest ReshaMandi procurement centers for the right price and avail cashback offers. This is immensely beneficial for the farmers as they can easily redeem the nominal amount they spend on purchasing the ReshaAbhivrudhi growth program. Also, they can save time by avoiding cumbersome long-distance travel to the mandis to sell cocoons and invest the same in their other secondary occupation. This also becomes a method through which farmers can increase their savings as they can save money on fuel expenditure. Through ReshaAbhivrudhi, sericulturists can also access disease-free larvae (DFL) at nominal prices.

Sericulture farmers can avail the benefits of ReshaAbhivrudhi growth program by buying chawkis, inputs, and advisories from ReshaMandi. 

ReshaMandi with a holistic approach is organising the unorganised natural fibres sector. With a better understanding of the problems affecting the stakeholders, it is formulating plausible solutions. It has put in place the correct mechanisms to assist and guide the farmers, thereby creating avenues to amplify the raw material production in natural fibres farming. 

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