ReshaMandi’s ReshaWeaves launches its private label: Rmya

ReshaMandi’s ReshaWeaves launches its private label: Rmya

The important factor that makes a retailer successful in his business is undoubtedly the appeal and range of the products his store offers to his customer base. These crucial factors let the customers shun the influences of online shopping and let them revisit the retailer’s outlet for shopping. At a time when the consumer base seeks authentic products for any retailer, hassle-free access to high-quality commodities becomes imperative. 

Rmya: An in-house brand of ReshaWeaves by ReshaMandi

ReshaMandi, as India’s first and largest farm-to-retail digital ecosystem for natural fibre supply chain has become retailers most sought-after sourcing partner. In its latest endeavour, ReshaMandi’s ReshaWeaves has launched its in-house brand, Rmya. Rmya’s exclusive range includes, women’s ready- to- wear apparels and also sarees, aesthetically curated blending timeless trends with traditions.

ReshaWeaves’ Rmya is an ode to the artistic spirit of our weavers, as it collaborates with numerous artisans celebrating their craftsmanship. 

Rmya Launch at Hyderabad Saree Sourcing Festival

ReshaMandi’s ReshaWeaves launches its private label: Rmya

ReshaWeaves’ Rmya made a grand entry at the Hyderabad Saree Sourcing Festival! It featured a vast collection of 5000+sarees including Dharmavaram, Kanjeevaram, Salem and many more exquisite silk sarees.

ReshaMandi’s ReshaWeaves saree sourcing festival, was the right platform for the textile retailers to  source the best products for their stores. The biggest saree sourcing festival was a one-stop shopping solution for retailers to source sarees from various regions of our country. While consumers are gravitating towards natural fabrics, the Hyderabad saree sourcing festival was the right platform for retailers to buy silk sarees. Apart from offering a huge collection of fabulous silk sarees, the event also provided retailers with an opportunity to shop and win several exciting prizes like an iPhone, a foreign trip, and more.

ReshaMandi’s ReshaWeaves launches its private label: Rmya

ReshaMandi’s toast to the craftsmanship of weavers

Our country’s sarees are world-renowned. The 6-yard wonders crafted by the famed fabric weavers of Dharmavaram and Banaras are every saree connoisseur’s cherished possession. ReshaMandi, with Rmya by ReshaWeaves, is bringing silk weavers to the forefront. It is providing retailers, natural fabric sarees directly sourced from silk weavers. By associating with silk weavers, it is encouraging their craftsmanship, and supporting the artisans in nurturing and preserving the age-old art of weaving. 

ReshaMandi with its endeavours, is connecting the stakeholders of the natural fibres supply chain and also adding value to their businesses. It is providing silk farmers, cotton farmers, silk reelers, yarn manufacturers and  weavers, better market linkages and empowering them to become successful entrepreneurs.

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