ReshaMandi’s ReshaWeaves Saree Sourcing Festival at Bengaluru

Threads of legacy: Sarees of Tamil Nadu

A business thrives only when we are able to appease customers with quality products. When you are a saree retailer, building a loyal customer base is vital for profitability. You can drive footfall to your store with only exquisite products ie. Quality drives quantity. An excellent sourcing partner, who can provide sarees, apparel, and fabrics to your store on time is a must for retailers. 

This is where ReshaMandi steps in. 

ReshaMandi’s ReshaWeaves Saree Sourcing Festival

ReshaWeaves by ReshaMandi has become the best sourcing partner for textile stores across the country. In its latest endeavour, ReshaMandi organized a saree sourcing festival for textile retailers in Bengaluru. This event was a platform to help retailers access fabulous sarees sourced from a network of weavers across India. Textile retailers could choose from the largest and the most in-depth collection of sarees. 

ReshaMandi gauges the needs of retailers

ReshaMandi’s ReshaWeaves Saree Sourcing Festival at Bengaluru

Customers when they visit the store to make a purchase, seek a variety and latest trends in sarees, apparel, and fabrics. Procuring a wide array of sarees for their brick-and-mortar stores is a real-time problem that hampers the businesses of retailers. At the saree sourcing festival, they could directly access six-yard wonders originating from different geographies of India. Salem, Dharmavaram, Pochampally, Surat, Banarasi, Paithani, and several other sarees were showcased at the event. 

ReshaMandi – retailer’s best sourcing partner

ReshaMandi’s ReshaWeaves Saree Sourcing Festival at Bengaluru

ReshaMandi’s high-quality natural fabrics that were displayed at the event captivated the attention of numerous retailers. Apart from purchasing sarees for their stores at the event, they also choose ReshaMandi as their sourcing partner. As ReshaMandi’s ReshaWeaves sarees resonate with good quality fabrics, retailers have enthusiastically joined hands with ReshaMandi. Numerous retailers who were at the event interacted with team ReshaMandi and grasped the edge, association with ReshaMandi will bring to their business. A multitude of tech amends was implemented in the ReshaMandi app to create an ambient user interface for retailers. All these tech-enabled solutions will facilitate hassle-free buying of sarees and effective order tracking via the ReshaMandi app.

ReshaMandi’s ReshaWeaves Saree Sourcing Festival at Bengaluru

ReshaMandi offers a PHYGITAL experience

The event offered a phygital experience to the retailers. Textile retailers participating in the saree sourcing festival were briefed about several beneficial attributes of the ReshaMandi app that included doorstep delivery of products, options to customize their sarees, hassle-free online payments, and many more. Under team ReshaMandi’s guidance, many retailers installed the ReshaMandi app and explored its unique features. They also made aware of the opportunity they have to grow their business with ReshaMandi’s ReshaMudra credit assistance.  ReshaMandi is able to win the trust of retailers with its quality-driven products and is forming long-lasting associations with them. It plans to organize several such Saree Sourcing Festivals in the nook and corner of our country. By associating with several retailers across India, ReshaMandi is positively impacting their businesses and also bringing good natural fibre products to the forefront.

Are you a retailer looking for a sourcing partner for your store? Download ReshaMandi app, place your order, and get started.

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