ReshaMandi’s trend forecasting to help retailers know buying patterns

ReshaMandi’s trend forecasting to help retailers know buying patterns

India is a country with diverse cultures. Owing to this, food habits, the style of dressing, and the apparel people prefer to wear vary. Alluring Dharmavaram and Kanjeevaram sarees might be sought-after wedding sarees in the south of India, and Jamdhani sarees might be the sarees preferred by women in Kolkata. Colours and patterns that appease customers in various cities and towns of our country can never be the same. Our apparel market is dynamic and one of the leading sectors in the world.

Textile retailers are the main link in the supply chain, offering fabrics, sarees, apparel to customers across the country. In an era where brick-and-mortar stores compete on par with e-commerce behemoths, the only way they can drive sales is through products that will immensely appease customers.

ReshaMandi- Retailers’ best sourcing partner

ReshaMandi is providing sarees directly sourced from across our country to textile retailers. Through the ReshaMandi app, retailers can choose from a digital catalogue of 10,000+ sarees. They can access trendy menswear, womenswear, home furnishings and fabrics at their fingertips. They can also customise their inventory in accordance to their store’s needs. While several high-quality natural fibre products are at their disposal, there are yet  other problems affecting the income profiles of the retailers. Textile retailers should  have a good knowledge of the consumer buying pattern which will help them source the apt goods and also sell the right commodities.

ReshaMandi’s trend forecasting – First of its kind in India

ReshaMandi’s trend forecasting to help retailers know buying patterns

Quality of products undeniably drive sales in any store. However, if sarees and apparel being offered by retailers are not on par with the trends prevalent in the market, buyers might be reluctant to make the purchase. Apart from procuring inventory for their store, a retailer needs to know what kind of products they should source. They need to have a fair understanding of sarees, and apparels that customers would seek in the months to come. Diverse fabrics, colours and design specifications of the textiles that vary in regions make it even more difficult for the retailer to gauge trends in advance. ReshaMandi’s latest endeavour is aimed at resolving this problem effectively.

ReshaMandi’s trend forecasting is a first of its kind in our country, designed exclusively for the Indian fashion segment. This unique trend forecasting comprises region-specific reports predicting the patterns, themes, colours, and styles in sarees, home and living segments that consumers across our country will prefer in the coming seasons.

ReshaMandi’s trend forecasting to help retailers know buying patterns

ReshaMandi has created this trend forecasting after meticulous market surveys and analysing sales data. While curating the fashion trends for sarees, homes, and living key parameters like the colour psychology of the consumers, moods, and themes, were considered. 

ReshaMandi’s trend forecasting provides market intelligence

ReshaMandi’s trend forecasting will help textile retailers to understand the buying patterns of consumers in advance. Retailers will have a good knowledge of colour schemes, patterns of sarees, and apparel that will be trending in the market. With this knowledge, they will be able to source only the products that the consumers will like. As their stores are stocked with trending products, this factor will change the tangent of sales for retailers and create a positive impact on their profits. 

ReshaMandi’s trend forecasting for better inventory planning

With ReshaMandi’s trend forecasting, retailers will be able to plan their store’s inventory in a better way. With better inventory planning they can ensure on-time procurement of products for the season. Whenever a particular style or trend is in demand, the customer base would seek the same. As the retailer has prior knowledge of this he can cater to the demands of the consumer and ensure surplus availability of the products that are in trend. When retailers are able to meet the demands efficiently, they have a loyal customer base.

ReshaMandi’s trend forecasting will avoid inventory wastage

Retailers usually source products in bulk for their stores and store products. When these products fail to impress the consumers, the unsold inventory will go to waste. The time and money spent on procurement will also be a futile attempt. The unused inventory creates a dent in their capital expenditure and profit margins. With proper trend forecasting guidance, textile retailers can overcome these problems. 

ReshaMandi’s trend forecasting feature on the ReshaMandi app

Textile retailers can avail trend forecasting features through the ReshaMandi app. They can download reports for saree forecasts, home and living segments for their businesses.

To avail trend forecast reports for your business visit 

ReshaMandi’s latest endeavour, trend forecasting will benefit textile retailers and change the way traditional retail stores source and sell.

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