ReshaMandi’s yarn marketplace: A win-win for spinners and weavers

Yarn Marketplace at ReshaMandi

To weave a piece of fabric or saree, the main ingredient weavers need is yarn. Easy access to yarns that suit weavers’ needs is a crucial aspect, as it determines the pace of production. Apart from easy access, the supply of raw materials at the right time is crucial. For a reeler/spinner who manufactures yarns, clearing his inventory, i.e., selling his produce at a competitive price within a reasonable time frame, to recover manufacturing costs matters the most. So, why not create a platform that meets both the demand and supply for yarns?

ReshaMandi’s Yarn Marketplace for spinners and weavers

Cotton yarn marketplace is a platform on the ReshaMandi super app that brings spinners and weavers across the country together to put an end to the problems related to raw material procurement. In an era where purchase of food and merchandise happens at the click of a button, it is not surprising to buy and sell yarn at the click of a button from the convenience of mobile phones. 

By digitising the natural fibre supply chain, ReshaMandi has created a Yarn Marketplace that serves as a reverse auction platform, enabling weavers to put forth their requirements and spinners across India can place bids as per the demand.

 Apart from providing multiple supply options for weavers, this  will also help them choose the best value offering suitable for their business needs.

Upon downloading the ReshaMandi app, one can get access to the digital marketplace. Weavers, fabric manufacturers can share their yarn requirements and the desired price points. Spinners or weaving mill owners can view these requirements and place their bids accordingly. Weavers can scrutinise suppliers and choose the bid that will give them high-quality yarn at the best price. There is a participation requests page to manage interests by customers and suppliers to participate in the marketplace, and an auctions page to manage auctions and bids.

ReshaMandi’s Yarn Marketplace offers diverse benefits

Yarn Marketplace at ReshaMandi

Yarn procurement simplified

ReshaMandi’s platform has created a wonderful opportunity for cotton yarn buyers to manage their supply effortlessly. It eliminates the need to visit supplier locations, and interference by third party facilitators.  Weavers can use the ReshaMandi app with a broad range of options and choose good quality raw material in bulk at the prices they are willing to pay. Without compromising on the quality or price, just at the click of a button from the convenience of their mobile devices,  superior quality yarn can be procured.

Effective mapping of demand Vs supply

Apart from simplifying yarn sourcing, ReshaMandi’s yarn marketplace helps the spinners and spinning mill owners in getting a clear visibility of the demand for yarn in the natural fibres supply chain.  With multiple buyers available, spinners can easily offer their products to the consumer offering the best price.  Effective mapping of demand and supply on the marketplace ensures quicker buying and selling, facilitating faster clearance of products and eliminating the problems associated with dead inventory.

Saves time

On the ReshaMandi yarn marketplace, weavers can avail instant quotes from multiple spinners at the same time. Weavers can save time as there is no need for them to call each seller and check their credibility, prices or the raw material they are supplying.

Additional benefits for spinners

ReshaMandi’s yarn marketplace provides market intelligence for spinners and spinning mill owners. They get access to the prevalent cotton bale prices in the market via ReshaMandi app. Apart from prices, spinners can buy cotton bales via the ReshaMandi app.

Best price guaranteed

With zero membership fee, weavers and spinners can connect with each other directly and strike the right deal that benefits both. Through quick and easy auctioning, ReshaMandi’s yarn marketplace suffices the yarn needs of weavers. While the yarn requirements of weavers are met, spinners also benefit immensely from the yarn marketplace as they are able to connect with multiple buyers and gain the best price for their products. ReshaMandi’s yarn marketplace mitigates gaps in the supply chain of raw materials,and maintains steady prices despite fluctuations. 

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