ReshaWeaves by ReshaMandi, makes a grand debut at the Lakme Fashion Week

ReshaWeaves by ReshaMandi, makes a grand debut at the Lakme Fashion Week

ReshaWeaves by ReshaMandi was one of FDCI x Lakme Fashion Week’s partners. Considered one of the premier fashion events in India, Lakme Fashion Week is patronised and frequented by several fashion enthusiasts. It was held in New Delhi from March 22nd to 27th. This 5-day grand event was truly a wonderful opportunity for ReshaWeaves to showcase its collection of superior quality natural fabrics to the key players and influencers of the textile domain.

ReshaWeaves is accomplishing its cherished goal from farm to retail and is making natural fabrics easily accessible to people from all walks of life. This grand debut has taken ReshaWeaves a step closer to its audience niche.

ReshaWeaves at Lakme Fashion Week

Authentic natural fabric sarees lovingly crafted by deft artisans, scarves and apparel were a few of the exquisite products displayed by ReshaWeaves at the Lakme Fashion Week. Pochampally, Dhramavaram, Salem silks, Jamdhani, Chanderi, and Maheshwari were some of the versatile natural fabrics sourced from weavers across various geographies that ReshaWeaves showcased at the event.

ReshaWeaves by ReshaMandi, makes a grand debut at the Lakme Fashion Week

The unique line of products ranging from silk fabrics, orange fabrics, milk fabrics, and many more innovative fabrics made from natural fibres garnered immense appreciation from fashion designers and fabric connoisseurs.

With growing concerns about climate change, many renowned fashion conglomerates are changing their fabric choices to natural fibre products. Being India’s premier enterprise building a natural fibre ecosystem, a great deal of responsibility falls on our shoulders to provide the best quality finished goods to the end-users.

Participation at the Lakme Fashion Week brought ReshaWeaves a step closer to its audience base and helped it establish a better connection with all the designers and consumers. ReshaWeaves by ReshaMandi is catering to the fabric needs of various designers by becoming a one-stop shop for products made from natural fibres.

ReshaMandi is India’s first and largest marketplace digitising the natural fibre supply chain. It has immensely empowered farmers, weavers, and reelers. ReshaWeaves has truly become a crusader for weavers and craftsmen. By directly sourcing sustainable fabrics from these humble stakeholders, we provide them with good market exposure and also a greater reach for their products.

ReshaWeaves by ReshaMandi is an ode to the age-old tradition of weaving and various heritage handlooms, supporting artisans and craftsmen. The in-house ReshaWeaves design studio team guides the weavers by providing them with details about the current trending styles. Apart from helping the artisans to craft sought-after products in the fashion sector, it also ensures the saleability of the weavers’ products.

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