Skyrocketing Cocoon Prices, A Boon Or A Bane For The Silk Industry?

Cocoon Price Hike | ReshaMandi

“Balance is not something that exists, it is something that you create”

Wednesday, 2nd Feb was a special day for silk farmers, as cocoon rates reached a new height at Govt Cocoon Market in Ramanagara. This was a significant day as sericulture farmers gained huge profits. Ramesh a silk farmer from Siddayyanadoddi, Kanakapura sold 95Kgs of cocoons at a whopping Rs.1043/Kg and another farmer, Gangadharappa sold 158 Kgs of cocoons at Rs.1042/kg earning Rs.164636. Sericulture Minister Dr.K.C.Narayana Gowda expressed his happiness thanking everyone involved in the process. Also, addressing the fact that the cocoon prices have seen a hike of up to 300% within the last 1-2 years.

From the time of its inception in 2020, ReshaMandi has worked meticulously to create a sustainable ecosystem that is not majorly controlled by a single sector of the stakeholders. The booming cocoon prices bring into the limelight the crucial role ReshaMandi plays in digitizing the natural fiber ecosystem and its deep impact.

Although the rise in price might have caused a short-term disruption and created some unrest amongst other stakeholders, the market balance will prevail and all the stakeholders will get their fair share of rightful prices which have not been long pending.

This is the kind of change ReshaMandi is striving to achieve. It has set out to strike a balance and the recent price hike is an important indicator of the long-awaited paradigm shift the silk industry is eager to witness. As we have been saying, this is just the beginning and ReshaMandi is here to revolutionize the entire silk supply chain.


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