The company that changed my perspective about start-up:ReshaMandi

The company that changed my perspective about start-up:ReshaMandi

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.

– Walt Disney

I joined ReshaMandi during the peak of the COVID pandemic. I had a jittery feeling as it was a start-up. With several doubts about the company lingering in my mind, I started my journey at ReshaMandi. However, once I got to know the humans of ReshaMandi at work, my perspective changed and all the queries in my mind just vanished. 

Saurabh Agarwal, our CTO, is a true mentor. With a friendly vibe, vivacious energy, and the humongous amount of effort he puts into work, he inspires everyone around him. Work at ReshaMandi is accomplished through hard work rather than wishful thinking. If you believe you can do your work sincerely, then nobody can stop you. After hearing our CEO, Mayank Tiwari, speak at employee rewards and recognition held in Ramanagar, I realised that every fact associated with silk is just startling. 

The company that changed my perspective about start-up:ReshaMandi

The most fascinating facet of ReshaMandi is its super-app. It is one app for all our stakeholders—farmers, weavers, reelers and retailers. Built with super-efficient technology, ReshaMandi super-app can be used easily by non-tech-savvy or non-social media-savvy stakeholders.

Apart from the good core values, one more exciting aspect of ReshaMandi is the flexible leave policy. Thanks to our HR team and Sophronia Kasab, this policy is a saviour while one is trying to manage emergency situations.

With better clarity and some great learning, here I am, completing 1 year at ReshaMandi. Now, I believe that everyone should work at a start-up at least once in their lives. My mother was happy when I told her about ReshaMandi’s B2B expansion and that she could now get silk sarees with employee discount coupons. 

 With groundbreaking technology, ReshaMandi is revolutionising the entire natural fibre ecosystem, working at grass root levels to connect farmers, weavers, reelers and retailers. I feel proud to be associated with this organisation.

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